Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year

by | May 27, 2020

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We all associate Chinese New Year with dragon floats, fireworks and if we’re very lucky, little red envelopes filled with something gold! But let’s be honest, the best thing to do when February the 5th comes around, is get stuck into an oriental feast.

This year falls into the Pig zodiac. So, get the gang together, dress up in red for good luck and pig out at one of our picks for a delicious Chinese meal.

For fun vibes and ‘all you can eat’ treats

Can’t decide which plate to go for? You’re in luck at Nines! With branches in Cambridge and Swansea, this buffet style restaurant serves an unlimited supply of Chinese dishes for one set price among 100+ plates.

Fill your bowl high with classics like sesame prawn toast and tangy lemon chicken or explore less Western dishes like their crispy crab claws or searing hot pot. A highlight for us though will always be their Teppanyaki section, where you can watch chefs prepare heaps of tasty noodles on the sizzling griddle!

Add their love for a family-friendly, lively atmosphere and you’ve got an exciting spot to welcome the New Year.

For a night of Eastern inspired cocktails

If bringing in the Year of the Pig conjures up a night at the bar, rather than the dinner table, our pick definitely has to be Tamashii. Newly opened on Caledonia Street, Kings Cross, London, the team has a 400-seat capacity ‘Juku Bar’ in addition to their dining space.

Believing in Pan-Asian cuisine that warms the soul, Tamashii extends this to their long (and rather strong) cocktail list. Sip on old classics with an oriental twist like their ‘Tamashii Mojito’ with rum, lime and sweet lychee syrup or one of the team’s own concoctions such as the ‘Medicine Buddha’ with rose water, butterfly pea tea and a good glug of vodka.

And if cocktails aren’t quite your thing, the bar is fully stocked with East Asian beers, sake and a large range of whisky to warm your bones. Cheers!


If you want to bring in the New Year with a classier affair, look no further than Shikumen. With branches across London, you are always guaranteed a long list of speciality dishes presented in a beautifully decorated restaurant.

The team’s concept stems from giving their guests a true ‘gateway to the east’. We’d start with their impressive dim sum menu, ranging from fresh scallop shui mai topped with jewel-like flying fish roe to their tender venison baked puffs. Then move on to a range of tantalising plates like their crispy pork belly stir-fried with bitter melon or Sanpei chicken claypot served still steaming at your table.

No Shikumen outing is complete though, without finishing the night with your pick from their traditional tea menu. All delicately brewed and fragrant with Chinese flowers and herbs. An exquisite way to celebrate the New Year!