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by | Jul 12, 2021

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With the hospitality industry lying largely dormant during 2020, we looked to develop and hone our skills in a wide range of marketing areas. But the technical ability is nothing without the creative thinking to find and exploit opportunities.

A lot was mentioned in the press about the need to pivot and with that in mind we sought to create marketing pipelines outside of hospitality.


With some thorough research as well as a deep understanding of how the Google Algorithm works we created a number of sites which in a few months have started to storm up the rankings. We created a couple of new brands to exploit the availability of exact match domain names including the Birmingham Marketing Agency and the Bristol Marketing Agency. Both of which were chosen as a result of being fairly easy to rank highly for as well as having a good amount of searches for those exacts keywords. With a bit more work we expect these to rank number one for their search name, giving us a steady stream of new enquiries.

We’ve also been working hard to develop our animation and video capabilities.

With many clients not having the budgets for video shoots, we can create stunning videos make from photos and stock videos. We’ve used these videos for client websites as well as dedicated social media campaigns. For example, we created the following Reel for Safe Stay’s £1 / 1€ bed campaign. With hostels all over Europe Safe Stay wanted to communicate their promotion with an Instagram Reel which highlighted that travel and adventure were now back on.

For Da Gino’s a family-run restaurant in Puglia, Italy we created a new website with a home page video made entirely from stock videos.



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