Top tips to owning the vegan food trend

by | May 27, 2020

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Because ve – gan do it!

Vegan and plant-based foods are taking the world by storm.

We only have to open our Instagram feed to be bombarded with arty photos of food bloggers tucking into the newest beetroot and black bean burger or enjoying a vegan ice cream.

When it comes to marketing a popular food trend like this, there are some useful pointers to take into consideration.

The sort of language you use can be crucial in driving sales or dropping them.

Studies have shown that when comparing the sales of two very similar products, each with different names, can result in opposing results. Phrases like ‘meat-free’ and ‘meat-substitute’ made customers feel that something was lacking. Instead of focusing on what the product’s missing, bring attention to its star qualities.

Doing this is proven to stop the customers feeling dissuaded in trying something new.

The vegan food trend is not just for vegans.

Interestingly enough, the World Resource Institute found that using the term ‘vegan’ itself was actually off-putting for many prospective customers. ‘Vegan’ is a label that many people do not identify with so calling your product ‘plant-based’ or something similar was proven to attract more customers. Again, this highlights the USP of your dishes, which is what will help you sell more. Similarly, people found themselves, if subconsciously, avoiding the term ‘vegetarian’ which they connected with being unfulfilling.

We, as humans, are drawn to variety and diversity in life and particularly in our food.

To up your sales of vegan food be sure to create dishes with a colourful appeal as this is more eye catching and tempting when guests take a look at your website or social media feeds. One thing that’s great about plant-based diets, is that there are so many different coloured fruits and vegetables to experiment with. Don’t be scared to get creative!

For example, check out the picture below of our new client Flipside’s ‘Naked Cali Superbowl.’ All the colours of the rainbow.

The world is becoming more conscious and as people begin to prioritise environmentally-friendly and organic foods, people are also wanting to know where there food is coming from. So, upping your sales can be done by simply changing the name of your ‘Roast Whole Bean Coffee’ to your ‘Ethiopian Roast Whole Bean Coffee.’ It suggests authenticity and gives an air of exoticness that people like.

Another eco-friendly way of attracting customers today is introducing recyclable packaging and reducing your carbon footprint by avoiding single-use plastics.

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