The continued rise of casual restaurant dining in 2014

by | May 21, 2020

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As restaurant brands sculpt their offerings over the next year it’s difficult to ignore the power of the casual dining sector in the UK. From new concepts and the tweaking of old ones, restaurants selling high quality products in an informal setting have created a wave of fresh ideas in the industry.

The fashion for no reservations, sharing plates, food served on trays, communal tables and friendly unstuffy service has re-written the rule book and produced a new school of restaurants which focus on fun and the customer experience.

Marketing these new style operations is also all about being open and showing customers how much of a good time they can have. This makes social media and other online tools a great way to build an audience quickly and keep them engaged.

Old methods of marketing off-line can also be re-imagined in this environment. Instead of handing out boring old flyers why not use salvaged old 7 inch records with a printed label. Or use an old overhead projector to display promotions on the wall instead of plain posters which might be expensive to print.

In short restaurants are throwing old ideas of how to operate and market their businesses in an already saturated market place. Without compromising on the quality of their product they continue to think of innovative ideas give the customer the best experience possible.

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