Summer is the season to skyrocket your restaurant sales!

by | May 27, 2020

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Captivate’s top tips on how to drive sales this summer period.

For restaurants, keeping up with the competition over the summer can seem a daunting task. But luckily, there are many things you can do to bring in the customers.


It used to be that businesses could rely on print, radio and television advertising but the current market is a very different place. With the rise of the internet and social media, new restaurant marketing methods are being introduced that in the long run can save you money whilst expanding your network.

Implementing competitions on social media is a fun way to get people involved. Caption competitions or simple giveaways are good ideas. For example, a competition where you invite customers to take a creative photo of one of your new summer dishes with the relevant hashtag is a good idea. Hashtags can be a wonderful tool if used correctly. The winner can be rewarded with a prize and you benefit from generating traffic and the increase of your online presence, whilst promoting your new summer menu.


We thrive on variety and when a restaurant we know gives its marketing a colourful makeover to suit the coming months, people notice. You can implement a summer theme to use on posters around the venue, a new menu and an update to the website. Simply adopting a new colour scheme or adding new a-boards outside which spotlight all the new summery, dishes you have on offer is a good way to breathe some new life into the space and bring in the customers.


With companies like Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats on the rise, it would be silly for your restaurant’s sales to not get involved with them. Ordering via a smartphone or mobile device is easy and quick. Studies have shown that about 69% of customers order food online in this way rather than calling the restaurant itself. After all, it’s not the ‘90s anymore.

But let’s not forget that in the summer, people want to enjoy their food outside so introducing some opportunities for al fresco dining will be a win-win. Let them easily take their pizza-slice or salad away with them.


First and foremost, one of the biggest benefits of regular blogging is that it simply helps drive traffic to your site – something that all businesses need to thrive in the modern age. Once you have the readers, make sure to include a call-to-action at the bottom of every blog. This could be an offer for a discount at a local, summer festival or an event happening nearby. In short, the reader will follow the link, fill out a short information form and receive the discount to use at the local event or festival. You boost your traffic and the customer is happy.

Everyone wins.



Keeping in mind just what it is that potential customers want from a venue during the summer is key to bringing them in.

If someone wants to host their party at your restaurant, offer them a free bottle of Cava or a jug of Pimms included in the price. Having offers and promotions that will encourage customers to buy more is also beneficial. For example, each customer that spends over £15 can be offered a free ice cream, or an iced tea. Or a simple, two-for-one offer on a cocktail always works.

It’s these small touches that make all the difference.


If you have a pub or venue with an outdoor space do everything you can to encourage more customers because in the summer everyone loves a beer garden.

Good ways to do this are inviting bands to perform and if your bar or pub doesn’t serve much food, inviting in a pop-up food van to serve your customers delicious treats will be an added bonus. It’s also a good idea to stock local spirits as this will increase your relationship with local businesses and increase opportunities for events like taster nights in collaboration with them. Getting involved with local charities is also a good way to bring people in. A charity cookout or BBQ is a good way to raise money and your restaurant’s public image.

Think about what makes your summer special and how you can offer something similar to your customers. They’re there and ready, so what are you waiting for?

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