Restaurant Show Debrief

by | May 21, 2020

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Two weeks on from the Restaurant Show and things are still buzzing in the Captivate Hospitality office. We had one of our best shows in years, connecting with some great operators with innovative concepts. With so much going on it’s been a busy time following up and meeting business owners one to one. Although each new client has their own challenges to overcome, below are the major services visitors to the show enquired about.

Restaurant Websites

Everyone realises they need a website these days, but building and designing one which works as an effective business tool is essential to grow sales and profits. We spoke to many owners who needed a website but were confused about where to turn and others who had a website which they felt wasn’t effective.

Graphic Design

Having print and web design that looks good but also includes powerful calls to action is an essential part of the restaurant marketing mix. Whether it’s engaging monthly newsletters, enticing posters and flyers or menus which sell, they’re all vital to converting sales. Lots of owners try to save money by getting a friend or family member with some Photoshop experience to help out, but have now realised that they are not getting the most out of their
design doing it this way

Localised marketing

Segmenting and targeting people in the local area is key to reaching the correct customer base. Lots of restaurateurs know they have to communicate with their surrounding community but were lacking the resources to do it. Whether it’s a localised flyering campaign or getting involved in the community, spreading the word and in the neighbourhood involved is key to building a customer base.

Social media

Some people see it as a necessary evil, others a tool which requires a great investment of resources they don’t have. Whatever the opinion social media is now a key element to restaurant marketing. Many of our enquiries were about how to manage and execute a good social media strategy, one which builds an audience and converts clicks to sales.

Above all it was time which many of the operators lacked when putting resources into marketing activities. Whether it’s updating social media, adding new content to their website or designing a Christmas menu, many of them were looking for an agency that could take responsibility for this vital part of their business and help them build their profits.


It’s always exciting to take on a new client and help them overcome the hurdles their business faces. With a new strategy in place and some hard work over
the next few months we look forward to achieving some results as we build sales and profits through the various marketing channels.