Restaurant Photography

by | May 21, 2020

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Is your photography selling your restaurant?
Using high quality and visually appealing pictures on your website and marketing material is crucial. A good photograph can convince a customer to book all by itself.However, it’s more common to use a mixture of food and restaurant interior photographs to convince a potential customer that they’ll have a great time at your establishment. Good photographs should market your restaurant for you.

Make sure photos;

Are: high resolution and can be blown up to a larger format (minimum 300 dpi)

Have: been edited well with good colour balance and contrast

Show: off your food but don’t oversell

Include: interior shots which give a feeling of the atmosphere

What to avoid:

Using: a camera phone to take photos, most don’t have the hardware to produce good enough quality shots

Relying: too heavily on stock photos

Using: too many photos, select the best and use them. You can always refresh them at a later date

Over: using the same photos across platforms. Keep your social media photos casual and fun, the photos on your website and print material should be more professional and high quality.

You could always seek out a professional to take the photos for you. If you do this try to stick to a schedule and agree on the number of final edited photos you will receive. An entire days photography can be expensive, try to negotiate a half day.

If you are interested in photographs for your restaurant drop us a line. We offer half day photography packages and deliver web ready edited photos which are yours to use across all your restaurant marketing material.