Restaurant Marketing for the Firebrand Pizza Launch

by | May 27, 2020

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For my own restaurant, Firebrand Pizza, which opens in the first week of August 2016, we are implementing a wide range of restaurant marketing strategies- both on and offline. The restaurant is near Marylebone station, with the London BNP Paribas headquarters on our doorstep (with 7,000 hungry French bankers inside!) as well as schools and businesses there’s a lot to target in our locale. Furthermore we want to become a destination restaurant so with all that in mind we developed a restaurant marketing plan that encompassed a variety of on and offline techniques.

These include the following:

We are conducting 4 tasting sessions with up to 20 people in each, a week before we officially launch. These sessions will not only help us get feedback on certain pizzas, helping us to decide what gets on the final menu and what doesn’t, they will also create brand ambassadors. We aim to invite key people from local businesses, members of the PTA from the 2 local schools, the hotel concierges as well as a few local residents. Hopefully they will feel some degree of brand ownership as they get to choose the dishes and will also talk to their work colleagues and friends about it. We’ll also ask them to leave positive Tripadvisor reviews!


Launch Offer
There will be a 50% launch offer for the first 2 weeks. The main focus of promoting the offer will be visiting the local businesses in person and handing them flyers. This will give us a chance to start building relationships with our local community and explain what we are trying to achieve, the passion and quality ingredients that go into each and every dish.

We’ll set up a number of campaigns using Facebook advertising to target those in the local area. Content will focus on the quality of everything we do. As the numbers grow we’ll run a number of competitions – for example we want to name the pizza oven, which should result in a few amusing posts.

We’ll start building online relationships on Twitter with those that live and work in the area. By generating interesting content and engaging with our neighbours we’ll hopefully entice them in.

When looking at the CV’s for managers and waiting staff, one extra element that I like to see (besides obviously the relevant experience) is photography as a hobby. This will make adding content to Instagram a lot easier!

SEO /Google My Businesses
The website is a new domain, so it will take a while to rank for our target search terms. However I’m not tempted to use Adwords – it will be far too expensive and won’t give the desired return on investment. Initially we’ll be focusing on our Google My Business listing to ensure we appear on the Map for searches like “restaurants near Marylebone station”

We’ll be targeting all the relevant journalists and bloggers, sending press releases and following up with phone calls. As soon as the menu is finalised we’ll get a photographer to take the full suite of images we need. These will be made available to the press.

We’ll be distributing flyers outside Marylebone station in the first few weeks.

Residential leaflet drops
To reach the residential customers we’ll be doing a series of leaflet drops. These will contain an offer as well as general information about the Firebrand Pizza story.

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