Targeting Locals

by | May 22, 2020

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For most restaurants, targeting those that live and work in the area is a key element of their marketing objectives – few are destination restaurants. With that in mind we’ve put together a few strategies that we frequently implement for our clients: Twitter Most local businesses, sports clubs, universities etc will use Twitter.

So reach out to them and start building relationships on Twitter that will result in custom. Retweet, comment and Like their Tweets as well as send them direct tweets to set up promotions and inform them of current offers.

Furthermore invite bloggers and journalists from local publications down for a complimentary meal in exchange for a review. Monitor keywords that are specific to your area, for example whenever anyone Tweets Oxford – join their conversation. It doesn’t have to be salesy, just friendly and you’ll create goodwill for your brand.


By using Local Awareness ads on Facebook you can target those within walking distance or a mile or two away. With call-to-action buttons that including Get Directions, Learn More and Call Now your campaigns can pinpoint your target markets and entice them to book.


It may not be cutting edge but flyering can still deliver a steady stream of customers as long as the flyers are well designed with a clear captivating message. Professional staff with branded T Shirts are also important – remember those handing out flyers can be the first encounter people have with your brand.


A Board Posters

As with flyers, A Boards need a striking design and a simple message as well as updating frequently. Those locals who walk past regularly will only notice new things!

Google My Business

Make sure you get listed and the listing is up-to-date for GoogleMyBusiness so customers searching Google and Google Maps can find you.


A key element of an online marketing campaign will involve targeting local keywords through Google Adwords.

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