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by | May 22, 2020

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Growth Hacking for Hotels and Restaurants

Did you catch the press on growth hacking recently? If not it involves growth through unconventional methods, usually by encouraging people to share and spread the word.

This worked very well for Twitter when they were just a start up. Finding it hard to increase the number of people signing up to accounts they incorporated a new feature to the sign-up process. By asking new account users to follow a minimum of 5 other accounts before creating their own it produced wave
of new sign-ups as new account users were locked into the service rather than signing up and never using it again.

There’s nothing to stop you doing this for your restaurant or hotel business. Taking inspiration from the growth hacking model may help you find new customers and grow your revenue.

Here are some examples:

WiFi – Providing customers with wireless internet access is great. But use it to help you grow your business. A service which forces customers to like your business on social media will help build your audience and, by attaching vouchers, encourage them to share with friends.

Events – You may have noticed restaurants holding competitions recently, the best Scotch egg cook off or burger cooking contest. These events help grow an audience with foodie customers who will then avidly share on social media, helping boost your audience and customers.

Collectables – Creating shareable marketing material associated with the restaurant can produce far better results than throw-away printed media. We love these coins used by Grill Shack to promote their new opening. They are almost collectors’ items and something most people will keep
and share with friends.

For more great ideas on growing your business through unconventional means get in touch.