My Own Restaurant Branding Project

by | May 27, 2020

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At the end of July I will be opening my first restaurant – Firebrand Pizza on Lisson Grove, 50 yards from the Captivate Hospitality offices. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and when the right opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it. Having helped a lots of restauranteurs over the years to create their restaurant brands, I now understand everything they’re going through! I’d also felt their excitement from the first meeting through to the branding workshops as their dream started to come to life.

Although stressful, I’d always envied them! So now it’s my turn! I teamed up with Bibars Ozdamir who ran the critically acclaimed Ozz restaurant on the same site as Firebrand. It’s a partnership that works very well – although I managed a restaurant and bar for 8 years, that was 9 years ago, so his knowledge is very current. Furthermore my background is more casual dining, his fine dining so both bring different skill sets.

Pizza is the most popular food in the country and so the pizza restaurant market is extremely competitive, although there’s not many competitors in our immediate vicinity. For Firebrand Pizza I wanted to create a brand that was upmarket, clean and distinguishable which entices local office workers, especially those 7,000 at BNP Paribas, as well as commuters using Marylebone station and local residents. A key part of the brand is the wood burning pizza oven – one of the reasons we choose Firebrand as the name. Therefore adding flames to a pizza paddle seemed a natural choice. We have worked hard on creating the branding guide which includes:

  •  Summary

  •  Background

  •  Concept & setting

  •  Ethos & Philosophy

  •  Brand Associations

  •  USP’s

  • Brand Personality

  • Image Do’s and Don’ts

  •  Fonts

  • Core Text

  • Slogans


The brand will no doubt evolve as I get to know our customers and the business matures. It’s already been a fantastic experience, with many lessons that current and future clients will find invaluable. No other restaurant branding and marketing agency has this kind of experience, so if you are launching a restaurant get in contact today to see how we can help realise your dream. Check out the blog on the launch marketing campaign.

Please follow Firebrand Pizza on social media – or better still pop in and try one of our incredible pizzas!