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10 Sites across the UK in 7 years

The market for gourmet burgers and American style smokehouses, although very popular, has become saturated.

Smoky Boys came to us as an independent business wanting to compete with other more established chains taking influence from America’s southern cuisine and offering ‘true B-B-Q’ to their guests. Although they didn’t have the same resources as the main contenders, they needed a strong brand identity and a marketing team to help them compete.

The Smoky Boys Brand

We developed a brand that revolved around illustration, quirky grill icons adorning menus to takeaway bags.

We created social media campaigns that shouted out about a kitchen with a wealth of experience and focused on high-quality cuts of meat. We engaged customers used to eating at a big barbecue chain by running long-standing offers which were just as good value.

Going Strong

Brand recognition increased and loyalty followed. And when the gourmet burger food trend starting to subside, what was once a stand-alone barbecue joint is now a chain restaurant with 10 branches with big expansion plans in the country and the international market.

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