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Authentic Indian Street Food

With two restaurants (one eat in and one takeaway) and more on the way, Papa-Dum had developed some new dishes and also wanted to increase their spend per head. After a 3-month period the menu was analysed, and the design adjusted to increase the spend per head.

For example removing the boxes, so customers would flow through the menu rather than just ordering for boxed-off sections, speciality items were highlighted, a grill section was added by popular request, easy to understand nicknames were given to some more traditional items which the British public might not have been familiar with.

Data Driven Design

The cocktail menu was separated out to be a stand-alone menu which could be left on the table for customers to order freely without asking for a menu, this increased the spend per head on cocktails and mocktails.

Since then we have created a strong relationship had worked on many points of sales for Papa-dum including posters, flyers, and speciality menus (Breakfast & Christmas)

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