Insta Highlights on Point

by | May 27, 2020

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Launched a little over a year ago, Instagram highlights have made a huge splash in the way we promote restaurants over social media.

The appeal lies in being able to harness the buzz of Insta stories but presenting creative infographics yourself. It’s a balance between driving sales and brand awareness that is so easy to use effectively, but how do you do so?

Here’s the Captivate team’s tips for how to keep those Instagram highlights on point (and you don’t have to be a millennial to understand what’s going on), to give your restaurant marketing a real boost.

Categorise your content

If you’re a restaurant that constantly creates content, whether it’s showcasing daily specials or giving users a glimpse at what goes on in the kitchen, highlights can help you organise what you’re putting out to your followers.

By simply grouping highlights under different headers, e.g. cocktails, lunch goals etc, users can easily choose what appeals to them. It also makes more sense to include separate swipe up links per group, directing users to specific menu pages or encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter.

Boost special offers

 Beyond simple daily posts or tweeting to local businesses, showcasing running offers on highlights adds a little more context and a bigger story behind your promotion. A simple ‘buy 1, get 1 free lunch’ deal to local offices turns into a spotlight on ingredients, showreel of the most insta-worthy dishes, and even filming visits from businesses around you. Including a swipe up link additionally drives users to the exact booking page or voucher system needed. It couldn’t be a greater example of social selling!


Shout out to followers and friends

Although leaving comments on check-ins and images tagged with your restaurant name increases engagement, you’re waiting for interaction to happen instead of leading it yourself. Shouting out to followers on highlights including handles, compliments about their foodie feed and any info you think they might be interested in looks way more organic and equally encourages a good user investment in your brand.

Additionally, highlighting great produce from suppliers shows your team doesn’t just care about self-promotion and opens your restaurant up to more collaborations in the future. Throw in a swipe up link to a supplier’s site and you’re bound to receive a few mentions in return.

Make events memorable

 That crazy soft open, that charity cook off and that coffee masterclass – those were all great events! But in the fast-moving feeds of Instagram, not everyone will remember just how much of a success that day was.

If you’re a restaurant that regularly broadcasts your events, saving them with Insta highlights and keeping all the action in one place will make sure no one forgets what your team is capable of.

Easily accessible and shareable, highlights also build that FOMO level for any upcoming occasions. Add a swipe up link to ‘what’s on’ pages or any particularly good press to sweeten the story.

So now you understand how to keep your Insta highlights on point and use the platform to communicate your restaurant branding, let us create the campaigns that will truly grab people’s attentions!

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