How many leaflets do you get handed each day?

by | May 21, 2020

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Old Fashioned yet Effective Restaurant Marketing Tool

Quite a lot probably, from political parties to local coffee shops, flyering is still considered a valid form of Marketing for Restaurants & other businesses. But how effective is it?

Most flyers are close to useless and go straight in the bin, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Flyers can be a very powerful marketing tool.

Here are our top tips for flyers which work and are a great component in your restaurant marketing tool kit.

  1. What is it for? Ask yourself why you are flyering. Surely the answer it to get bums on seats. But which customers? Where are they coming from? Are they young or old? Looking for a deal or just looking for somewhere with good value. After you have worked out who you are trying to attract you can start to work out what should be on your flyer.

  2. What are the recipients going to do with it? Your flyer must encourage the holder to do something. To visit a webpage, to physically come to your business, to fill in their email address. Again work out how your campaign will work, put yourself in the customers shoes. Would you be motivated by the piece of paper you’ve just had thrust into your hand?

  3. What will catch their eye and hold their attention? Design is key but it needn’t be a master piece. A striking single image, clever or punchy strapline or interesting shape will help make your flyer stand out.

  4. What will it feel like? Printing leaflets is a relatively cheap way to market your business but don’t skimp too heavily on paper quality or finish. Ask your printer for example paper weights and laminates. A flimsy poorly printed flyer will give off the wrong message over one printed on nicer paper with a crisp look.

  5. Who will distribute them? A flyer is only as good as the person who hands it out. Humans prefer to interact with humans not paper.

6. If your campaign is ‘on-street’ make sure the team handing them out are personable and know about your business. Train them on what to say and how talk about your restaurant. The uptake and return rate will be far better.

7. What will success look like? You will need to monitor the success of the campaign. Keep all the flyers that come back, particularly if they have data capture on them. You can then measure your rate of return on your investment.

8. What if it doesn’t work? Don’t lose faith, you may have just miss-judged a certain element. Play around with promotions, calls to actions, distribution points, designs and try again. Why not design two very different flyers and test one against the other. This is called A/B testing and you’ll quickly work out what works and what doesn’t.

Old fashion marketing still works, you just have to do it smarter.