Getting the most out of Deliveroo

by | Aug 9, 2020

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Now more than ever it’s essential to squeeze every sale you can out of Deliveroo. But that can be tricky especially if you’re new on the platform.

As well as MD of Captivate Hospitality I also have two restaurants, (Firebrand Pizza) and when we went live on Deliveroo at our second restaurant in Clerkenwell, our Deliveroo account manager shared the main elements the algorithm is looking for:

  • Rejections: must be under 1%. So make sure you take any menu items which have run out, offline rather than just rejecting them.

  • Opening hours: you need to be open for over 95% of your stated opening hours. So even if it’s dead don’t put closed on your tablet at 9pm if you’re listed as closing at 10pm.

  • Prep Time: aim for under 6 minutes (I know, I know!)

  • App ratings: make sure your rating is above 4.5.

  • Conversion: Dish photos are a top priority. Bundles or set menus usually perform really well, and item descriptions are very important too.

    These all help more visitors to your Deliveroo page convert into customers – which is what the Deliveroo Algorithm is looking for!

  • All photos must be jpeg format and min 1200x800px.

Having great teams at my restaurants, means I work closely with the team at Captivate as well as our clients to use my experience and our expert knowledge of restaurant marketing to give real value. No other restaurant marketing agency has tried and tested strategies in their own restaurants!

Get in contact today to see what we can do for your restaurant. If you’re struggling to get a response from Deliveroo, I can introduce you to my account manager.

Guy Holmes

MD, Captivate Hospitality