Communicating with your customers

by | May 21, 2020

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How do you speak to your customers when they are not sitting in your restaurant?You probably don’t have all their phone numbers, but do you have their email addresses? Do they follow you on Facebook or Twitter? Are you confident they are frequently visiting your website?

Communicating with your customers and telling them what you are doing will be the main reason why they’ll continue to visit your restaurant. The more customers you talk to the more likely you will get frequent reservations and return business. It’s therefore key that you; Collect your customer’s email address. Data capture on your website and printed material is essential.

Work on your social media to keep diners engaged and build your audience through competitions and boosted posts.

Send out newsletters which encourage the recipients to share with their friends. Your business, like any other, depends on its customers. Having a good dialogue with them will keep them coming back and help you to build your profits.

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