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February 13, 2019

Cupid, petrol station bouquets and giant teddy bears - no thanks! We always think the best way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year is with an intimate meal. Whether that’s something casual, a destination restaurant or an extra indulgent dinner, as long as it includes food then the Captivate team ar...

February 1, 2019

We all associate Chinese New Year with dragon floats, fireworks and if we’re very lucky, little red envelopes filled with something gold! But let’s be honest, the best thing to do when February the 5th comes around, is get stuck into an oriental feast.

This year falls into the Pig zodiac. So, get the gang toge...

January 24, 2019

Launched a little over a year ago, Instagram highlights have made a huge splash in the way we promote restaurants over social media.

The appeal lies in being able to harness the buzz of Insta stories but presenting creative infographics yourself. It’s a balance between driving sales and brand awareness that is...

January 18, 2019

What can we say? 2018 was a great year for Captivate!

We’ve welcomed new clients, pushed out to new markets and gained some new, shiny additions to our team. But as with any approach to another year of hard work, it’s time to reflect on what tactics were successful, what campaigns not so much and how to apply...