London’s oddest signature dishes

by | Mar 27, 2019

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London has always been a mixing pot of the weird and wonderful. So, to celebrate our city’s loopy side, we’ve got together a list of some of the oddest dishes on offer today. Dinner is served.

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Chick ‘n’ Sours

Chick ‘n’ Sours, with branches in HaggerstonSeven Dials and Islington, are doing something weird and wonderful with a much-loved and popular dish. We all know about fried chicken, heck you’ve probably stumbled into a Dixy’s or a KFC after a drunken night out and wolfed down a portion or two of hot wings. But, what would you say if we told you that on Sundays Chick ‘n’ Sours are deep-frying WHOLE chickens – minus the head obviously, and people can’t get enough. They’re even free-range, herb-fed and served with a load of bangin’ sides. What will they come up with next? A whole fried turkey for Christmas? Let’s hope their friers are big enough.


Florentine – We weren’t egg-specting that.

Florentine in Waterloo is being hailed as having London’s biggest breakfast. It’s quite the title. But, what is it that makes this enigmatic breakfast so big? No, it’s not foot-long sausages or mutant giant mushrooms. It’s their, quite simply, humongous ostrich eggs. The centrepiece of their breakfast. Now, if you’re not quite sure just how big an ostrich egg is, imagine waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and instead of a head, a giant fried egg has taken its place. That’s how big. 24 times bigger than a normal egg. Give it a go – you may be pleasantly surprised. We think this breakfast is egg-cellent.


Garlic & Shots – It’s all in the name…and everything they serve.

Got a hot date coming up? Have you dressed to impress? Doused yourself in your favourite perfume. Well, we know the perfect place to take that special someone. They won’t be able to resist the…oh wait. Garlic? Yep, you read that right. Garlic & Shots in Soho has an entire menu based around garlic. Plus, an array of different shots to choose from which all come with a garlic chaser. For garlic lovers, it’s a must, for vampires, a definite no.


Jugged Hare – Our parks’ favourite furry friend.

London is full of them, your dog’s probably obsessed with them so why stop there? Jugged Hare near the Barbican is serving a surprising guest on the menu and people love it – squirrel. It’s the ultimate ethical meat. Entirely free-range, low in fat, plus it probably didn’t have to travel far to arrive on your table. Think that tree that you can see outside your bedroom window – these guys can probably be found there.


Archipelago – Wonderful world of exotic meat

Now, the meat being served up at Archipelago in Marylebone has definitely had a further distance to travel but that doesn’t have to affect the taste. If you’re feeling adventurous pop over today for a taste of kangaroo skewers, jerked alpaca, crocodile curry and ostrich steaks. We know what you’re thinking, you won’t be able to watch a cute alpaca meme again in the same way but why visit the safari park when you can quite literally taste it here?


Testi – You can probably guess what they serve

Yes, you guessed it! Testi in Stoke Newington are taking ‘resourcefulness’ to the next level. Waste not, want not as the famous proverb says. They have been serving lamb’s testicles alongside Turkish favourites for years now. People come from far and wide to savour the…balls. If you’re a fan of offal, give it a whirl, you may be pleasantly surprised. If not, bollocks to that! You only live once!


Gyoza Bar – We all scream for…deep-fried…ice cream?

Gyoza Bar in Covent Garden are so engrossed by dumplings that they’ve only gone and created an ice cream one. Well, why the hell not? We all love ice cream. We all love deep-fried goodies. So, why not combine the two? Now, we’re not quite sure of the science or logistics behind the dish, but apparently, it’s simply a ball of vanilla ice cream, covered in batter, deep-fried then drizzled with maple syrup. And yes, my mouth filled entirely with saliva whilst typing that last sentence.


The Fine Cheese Co. – French dessert classics…with a twist

Head on over to Belgravia for a taste of one of the world’s most-loved desserts with a twist. At The Fine Cheese Co. you can enjoy savoury macarons, yes, SAVOURY macarons. Think blue cheese gooey centres, nutty walnuts and chive or beetroot and goat’s cheese. It seems maca-wrong, but trust us, it tastes so so maca-right. Who are we to argue with the artisan cheese experts, after all?


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